About me

I am a designer with 12 years of versatile experience. I worked in Amazon: designed best in class online ads and improved the work processes. I worked in a fast-paced advertising agency fitting the deadlines and fulfilling client briefs. I created unique design-concepts like Movie Posters, Industrial Design and App UI Design. Throughout my career, I've added lots of skills and tools to my Master's degree in Design and professional hand drawing. I refined my UI design technics creating apps for iOS and Android and web-sites. This Design-resume presents some of my skills and summaries my experience.

Please find my resumes here

Selected works

Here is an overview of my works. Click to see more images.

A demo version of navigation for a complex structured application of Post. The animation was created by After Effects
My latest projects at Reborn, where I was responsible for UI/UX design, integration, animation and front-end development
The promo design for "RIGA DISCO BLITZ" that will be released autumn 2018
the design in movie poster style for Krav Maga Center "BY KICKYOUFIT". Starring Marc Stoltz
A fresh new t-shirt design for the Ultimate de Lux frisbee team
A new promotion in movie posters style for Latvian band "RIGA DISCO BLITZ" from Luxembourg
I won an exhibition about films that do not (yet) exist - In the style of a 1980s video club
A promo video demonstrating user interface and usability of the new Kneip application
The movie Viy was released in 2014. I won the official tender of Universal Pictures - the distributor of the movie. During 5 years of production, I've created more than 20 creative concepts of the key-art, taking into account requirements of multiple stakeholders.
In addition to the main design concept, I've designed teaser posters and other creative works.
Tricky English is an educational App for English learners It is an innovative approach based on the flash card method. It has several unique tricks that helps one remember new words. You can peek at some letters of the word and draw a reminder picture for the card.
Different design concepts for Viy movie logo
Living in Luxembourg inspired me on some personal movie poster projects Click on the image to see the full size poster.
At Amazon I've created of designs for online ads, emails and At Amazon I've created designs for online ads, emails and Kindle screensaver ads. Creativity has to go with high attention to detail when creating ads for millions of viewers across the EU with very tight deadlines.
For screen protectors and covers I've placed the devices on simple asphalt to get the right feel.